Registered Email for peace of mind.

We supply digital evidences of the contents and delivery of your emails. Just in case.

We take care of your email and data registering needs the way you would expect: effortlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively, even at a massive scale.

Simple approach

eEvidence seamlessly combines day-to-day Internet and cryptography standards, to offer you a no-brainer solution to registering whatever you send and receive via email.

Global standard

We have the right product, team and business attitude to become the global standard for registered email, plus thousands of customers who already believe there's no better choice.

Suited for everyone

We serve individuals and corporations alike, from occasional to intensive use, to effectively overcome the known and the yet-to-be-known implications of the regular use of email.

Zoltan Zsuffa

Since Primal Game Studio is located in Budapest, Hungary, we needed a solution that complies with EU regulations. The product that eEvidence provides perfectly covers our needs, and they showed us outstanding, high quality customer service that really helped to build our trust.

Zoltan Zsuffa

CEO & Head of Commerce, Primal Game Studio (Hungary)

Nobody registers as many emails as we do!

eEvidence at a glance

What for

To register outgoing emails, incoming emails and whatever you send us via email.

Internet standards

Use of SMTP and DNS standards for an easy set-up and maximum simplicity.

At your convenience

Deliver emails to us using a wildcard or via an SMTP server or smart-host setup.

Industry standards

Digital footprints and electronic signatures supported by global standards.

Language support

All evidences are issued in English, plus the language of your selection.

User private area

Login to review your history log and to reach our support team.

Premium Group Manager

Manage users and set up all available features at your convenience.

Unlimited users

Premium licenses can host as many users as you need, there's no limit.

Unlimited backup

Premium users are invited to store copies of their files with us, free of charge.

Web services

Meant for retrieving email status and for downloading evidence files on demand.

Record syncing

Use of MIME X-Field headers to easily sync your records with ours.


In case you need to, we are ready for a STARTTLS call.

Nearly zero limitations

Limit your emails to 200 recipients and 50 MB at the most, that's about it.

File formats don't matter

A hash can be obtained from any chain of data, regardless of file formats.

Help & Support

We are commited to help you, so please contact us.

When looking for an IT partner, performance comes first, then pricing. But when the job exceeds your expectations, for far less than what you were ready to pay, what else do you need?

Run a trial

We will be pleased to set you up for a trial for up to 100,000 registered emails, free of charge and with no obligation.

See how it feels

Your trial run will be handled by our live platform, with your data flowing along our customer's real traffic.

Do the budget stuff

Don't get confused. We have managed to make email registration affordable at all levels, while others did not even try.

Although we usually don't go hunting for testimonials, some of our customers would like to share their view with you.

From the Academic Secretary Service at Esade, emails on important academic subjects and procedures are sent to students daily. Sending them through eEvidence provides us great confidence, allowing us to prove that for every procedure the information has been delivered to recipients on time. I highly recommend it.

We are always pleasantly surprised with eEvidence's service performance and reliability. As for support, the team there is always open and honest about any issues down the road, making problem solving easy. In short: a big thumbs up from me personally!

Extremely easy to use. When you send an email message through the eEvidence service, you get back a digitally-signed certificate that proves exactly when the message was sent and its attachments. Verifying that a certified file has not changed it's easy, making it a handy way to also protect your intellectual property.

Nuria Mayo

Nuria Mayo

Registrar's Office Director, ESADE Business School (Spain)

Wiebe Barkey

Wiebe Barkey

Founder & CEO, DM Interface (Holland)

Neil J. Rubenking

Neil J. Rubenking

Lead Analyst for Security, PC Magazine (USA)