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I don't understand how the wildcard method works.

When forwarding emails to a destination, a mail server needs to find out the IP address of the recipient"s mail server to which the email must be delivered. This is achieved, without exception, by resolving the DNS MX records for the recipient"s domain name.

By appending the "" wildcard to the recipient"s address, any mail server will therefore attempt to resolve the MX records for "[*]". Following the RFC 4952, The Role of Wildcards in the Domain Name System, standard, no matter what the [*] is, the MX records for "[*]" will always return the IP address of our mail servers.

This is how it works. Use the field below to enter any domain name. We will show you its real MX records and the MX records returned when the wildcard is appended:

Lookup MX records

The wildcard will not be shown to the intended recipients: before delivering your email, we remove it from their addresses.

If you don"t find the wildcard method convenient, see the other methods you can try to have your emails go though us.

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eEvidence Support Team

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