Friendly Fraud Chargeback

Friendly fraud costs retailers billions of dollars per year, with an estimated 86% of chargebacks thought to be fraudulent. Supplying compelling evidence that products were indeed delivered is the first step toward winning a disputed chargeback.

Who benefits from us?

A vast majority of cardholders state their actual reason for starting a chargeback is due to convenience: Didn't have time to contact the merchant. When the average consumer is using a chargeback as the primary method to get a refund, the system is cracked. Good merchants should not be penalized because a consumer didn't take the time to call-in and solve the issue themselves.

There are many solutions that help in identifying potential thieves hanging around online stores. However, friendly fraud continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Once a chargeback is initiated, online merchants are required to supply compelling evidence to prove that the transaction occurred and the items were sent. When dealing with digital products, the need for such unquestionable evidence is even more critical.

Let us deliver and register the emails you send to customers when confirming their purchases

By deploying eEvidence Registered Email as part of your online sales workflow, you will be securing an evidence receipt for every email you send to your customers.

The receipt suplies the necessary evidence to prove beyond doubt what the email was about, its exact contents, who sent it, to whom and when was it delivered and accepted by the recipient's mail sever. Whether this is about a flight booking confirmation, a ticket for a sports event or a link for downloading a piece of software or any other sort of digital product, we will register it the second after we deliver your email to your customers. And trust us, this receipt is pretty hard to question.

Register them all, don't take the chances to miss the bad guys

Our advise is that you register all emails related to your online sales. These will include a vast majority of indisputed sales, but unless you know in advance who's going to issue a chargeback you should expect any customer will.

The good news are, this won't cost you a fortune. Our pricing proposal is meant to accommodate projects that demand registering millions of emails a year down to less than 1 cent of an euro per registered email. When doing the math, take into account that you will now be in a position to effortlessly dispute all the chargebacks that you tend not to dispute due to worthless amounts.

Use our web services to check for delivery errors and to retrieve your evidence receipts

We offer you several options to remotely query our systems as many times as you need to. Our web services are all based on standard technologies, allowing for a very easy implementation at your end.

When checking out the delivery status of your emails, you should pay close attention to the delivery errors we provide. Based on these, you may decide to double-check the customer's legitimacy as well as to keep record of the error to better identify dishonest customers in advance.

Time to take the evidence receipt to action

Visa, Master Card and American Express acknowledge and validate our receipt as the type of compelling evidence to be supplied under several Reason Codes, including RC.30 and RC.83. In essence, the receipt proves that a communication between you and your customer did take place. Depending what you are selling, it also proves that the product was received by your customer.

When disputing chargebacks at arbitration level, simply supply the evidence receipt along all other compelling evidence involving each disputed transaction. From there, calculate what ROI you get from implementing eEvidence Registered Emails and determine whether this was a wise decision.